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Truck Topper Parts –

Midstate Outfitters has the best price on all your truck topper, truck cap and Camper shell replacement Parts. We carry parts for Jason, Lakeland, Leer, Century and Raider toppers, truck caps, camper tops and tonneau covers. We only service LEER, Century, Raider, Lakeland, and Jason Truck caps. If you need a replacement part and do not see what you need listed, please e-mail us a photo of your topper and the part that you need, include the Year, Make and Model of your truck and the serial number from your truck cap and we will be happy to find the part you need. Truck cap parts are our specialty and nobody handles more truck cap parts than Midstate Outfitters. Our truck cap and topper parts include; Replacement Keys, Replacement topper doors, All glass doors, Double T-Handle Doors, Single T-handle Doors,  Topper door handles, Twist handles, Push Button Handles, Hinges,  and locks, Gas props, pistons, or struts, dome lights, Brake lights, Wiring harness, clamps and mounting tape.


We are also a StateWide Windows Distributor. StateWide produces top quality, state-of-the-art windows and doors. They have 39 years of industry experience along with constant innovations and product improvements ensure you of receiving windows and doors that will fit all current truck models. Each one of the skirts for our all-glass doors is custom contoured to exactly match the truck’s tailgate. Combine these doors with our sleek and innovative bonded all-glass side windows and you add an impressive contemporary look to any truck cap.


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