Rosen Overhead Entertainment Systems

X10 & Z8 Ceiling Mount Series

Got Games


The New X10 10.2” Overhead Entertainment System is designed meet the changing entertainment source needs of today’s vehicle owners and their families. The X10 model includes a Hi-Res LCD display, DVD player, 50 video games, HDMI input for smartphones, an iPhone® / iPod Touch® interface with Free iTunes® App (optional harness required) and AUX input for media sources.


The Z8 is an 8.4” LCD, DVD player and AUX input and output for optional sources. Both the X10 & Z8 are available in gray or light tan pod colors to complement all vehicle interiors. X and Z-Series ceiling mount entertainment systems play DVD, CD and MP3 discs plus the family photo album in JPEG format. The 16:9 wide-screen, flat-panel LCD displays, available in 10.2″ Hi-Def (800×480) or 8.4″ Std-Def sizes. The X10 also features 50 action packed video games with wireless game controller, HDMI input for smartphones, Apple certified iPod Touch/iPhone interface with FREE iTunes APP (optional harness required), an auxiliary mini-jack w/ RCA adaptor to connect a game console, video camera or MP3 player! NOTE: The X10 Apple interface does not support the iPhone 5 but you can connect it via the HDMI input and the appropriate adaptor.



GAMING 50 Built-in Video Games (X10)

WIRELESS Wireless Remote Control – 2 Fold Flat Headphones

DISPLAY 10.2″ Hi-Res Digital LCD Display (X10), 8.4” LCD Display (Z8)

MEDIA FM Transmitter

SCREEN Tilt Screen