Rosen Overhead Entertainment Systems

X10 & Z8 Ceiling Mount Series


The New X10 10.2” Overhead Entertainment System is designed meet the changing entertainment source needs of today’s vehicle owners and their families. The X10 model includes a Hi-Res LCD display, DVD player, 50 video games, HDMI input for smartphones, an iPhone® / iPod Touch® interface with Free iTunes® App (optional harness required) and AUX input for media sources.


The Z8 is an 8.4” LCD, DVD player and AUX input and output for optional sources. Both the X10 & Z8 are available in gray or light tan pod colors to complement all vehicle interiors. X and Z-Series ceiling mount entertainment systems play DVD, CD and MP3 discs plus the family photo album in JPEG format. The 16:9 wide-screen, flat-panel LCD displays, available in 10.2" Hi-Def (800x480) or 8.4" Std-Def sizes. The X10 also features 50 action packed video games with wireless game controller, HDMI input for smartphones, Apple certified iPod Touch/iPhone interface with FREE iTunes APP (optional harness required), an auxiliary mini-jack w/ RCA adaptor to connect a game console, video camera or MP3 player! NOTE: The X10 Apple interface does not support the iPhone 5 but you can connect it via the HDMI input and the appropriate adaptor.



GAMING 50 Built-in Video Games (X10)

WIRELESS Wireless Remote Control - 2 Fold Flat Headphones

DISPLAY 10.2" Hi-Res Digital LCD Display (X10), 8.4” LCD Display (Z8)

MEDIA FM Transmitter

SCREEN Tilt Screen