If you want a bed liner that won’t damage your truck, isn't permanent and won’t lower your resale value, BedTred Pro Series is for you. It provides a rugged work surface that is tough enough to withstand dents and dings while protecting your most fragile cargo from sliding around your truck bed. 

The BedTred system is a 5-piece zipped liner that installs with hook and loop fasteners, without damaging the truck bed. While traditional spray-in liners can quickly fade and chalk, the BedTred material is fade and UV resistant. The 1/4" thick foam is similar to that used in life jackets and will not absorb water, resisting mold and mildew. Water will simply run off the surface, through the zippered perimeter, out the factory drain holes in the truck bed and will dry in as little as 20 minutes. 

·         TPO Composite Surface

·         No Sanding, No Prepping and No Damage Installation

·         Hassle Free Quick & Easy Hook and Loop Install

·         Custom Contoured Fitment for a Snug Tight Finish

·         Heavy Duty ¼" Textured Anti-Skid Surface

·         Thick Foam Layer Provides Superior Dent Protection

·         Cushioned Knee-Friendly Surface

·         Non-Woven Fiber Backing Will Not Scratch Truck Bed

Provides a 1/4" center layer of impact absorbing closed cell foam to prevent your truck bed from dents and dings (and provides a cushioned surface for your knees!).

BedTred systems ship in Five separate pieces, (1) Floor, (1) Right Side Wall, (1) Left Side Wall, (1) Bulkhead and (1) Tailgate. The side walls and bulkhead zip to the floor section creating a sealed perimeter to prevent debris from falling underneath the mat and provide installation as one single assembled unit. 

Easy Installation…No drilling, no sanding, no prepping, and no damage to the truck bed. Non-woven fiber backing will not scratch or harm your truck bed finish. Can be removed at any time or even moved from truck to truck.

BedTred has a textured TPO composite surface to grip your cargo and hold it in place. Simply put, BedTred provides skid resistance unmatched by any spray in liner.


BedRug, Inc., warrants BedRug and VanRug for pickup trucks and vans to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. BedRug bedliners will be warranted for the duration of the vehicle ownership by the original BedRug purchaser.