Heavy Duty Pro II Steel Truck Racks

Heavy-Duty Pro II Steel Ladder Rack

Need the strongest Truck Rack?  Look no further, Pro II Steel Truck racks are made from beefy 2” round steel tubing with a wall thickness of .083” for strength and stability.  Get the best….Get aKargo Master Truck rack!

The Kargo Master Pro II Series Truck Ladder Rack is one of the toughest heavy-duty racks in the market. The Kargo Master Pro II Series Truck Rack is built with 2″ diameter round steel tubing that has a 1,700 lb. loading capacity. The sleek round tube design significantly reduces wind drag and noise and creates an uniform load distribution that results in a sturdier rack. All Kargo Master truck racks are treated with zinc primer and marine grade powder coat to achieve excellent corrosion and UV resistance.


Pro II Steel Truck Racks are available for all full size trucks in a standard and extended/crew cab style that fits 6.5ft and 8ft bed lengths. Extended length racks positions the front crossbar beyond windshield on extended cab trucks.  This reduces wind noise, looks better, and provides more support for long cargo.

The Kargo Master Unsurpassed Finish

Our Cargo Racks take lots of abuse in all types of climates without compromising style, strength and durability.  The Pro II steel Ladder racks are Zinc Epoxy primed and powder coated black for superior corrosion protection.   No one else gives you this type of quality finish.